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March 2013 Winter Steelhead You know how it is: Winter creates unpredictable water conditions, but everyday family life hands you so many variables that planning a two day foray to the coast and being lucky enough to see perfect water conditions coincide with your hall pass is luckier than holding a winning Powerball ticket. This […]
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Keep your friends close. And others? Well you decide. »

The Clan by Jeff Mishler By keeping our steelheading clan small, we avoid tossing around the Tinted Window Treatment because we don’t really care if one of us knows where the other has been hiding out. What’s the tinted window treatment? Remember that time you were cruising down the freeway and noticed in your truck’s […]
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If you care about the Lower Deschutes River…. »

My buddy Dave Moskowitz and the staff at DRA are working hard to make sure our wonderful treasure known as the Lower Deschutes River, is managed for the long haul. The Deschutes River Alliance was formed when concerned stakeholders noted that there was no long term management plan for the river while observing substantial changes in […]
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Another Casting Flaw…D Loop Crashes On The Water »

by Jeff Mishler   I spent some time last week helping a new-to-the-sport angler/buddy work on his casting.  My initial intent was to find a fresh steelhead for him, but his casting flaws brought the line, leader and fly down from the sky in a heap, keeping his fly too close to his casting position […]
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Another cool photo I took last spring »

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Photos I Like »

I haven’t loaded any photos onto this site from my fishing adventures for a while. I’ll start with a few, see how it goes, then add more if it feels right.   JM
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