Essays and Images

by Jeff Mishler

Culture can be found in any pastime. BENT is a window into the culture of fly fishing, proving that passion indeed creates community.

BENT ebook

By the year 2015, writer, photographer and filmmaker Jeff Mishler, known in the world of fly fishing as the producer of the popular Skagit Master DVD series, had spent over forty five years chasing critters with a fly rod, shotgun, rifle and bow. This book presents images taken on four continents and stories collected from some of those fishing adventures.

“Part tribute, part anthropology, pure art— Jeff Mishler’s Bent takes the reader on a journey into the heart of an uniquely American subculture.”

John Larison, author of Holding Lies

“Jeff Mishler is celebrated in steelheading circles as the maker of the Skagit Master films. Bent takes him from behind the camera to a place inside the heart of every steelheader, capturing the frustrations and thrills of the sport in words and pictures.”

Chris Santella, author of Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die and The Tug is the Drug

“The truly gifted flyfishermen are both experts in their craft and artists in its expression. Mishler has this magical combination of both technical and creative talents which have come together in the presentation of Bent, a title that both describes the arc of his rod when engaged with its favorite prey and his tenacity during the pursuit.”

Guido Rahr, President & CEO, Wild Salmon Center