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Site update and SM 5 is live

Big news! gets a facelift and Skagit Master 5 is LIVE! After years of waiting, you can now purchase access to the last chapter of the Skagit Master Series. Skagit Master 5 features four anglers who have taken the concepts presented in the first four Skagit Master films and applied them to their home […]

Skagitmaster 5 Update

It has been some time since my last post here on the Skagitmaster site. With a recent upgrade, the blog is a better way to communicate with the 2000 members of this page. To date, I have filmed on the Naknek, featuring my good friend Patricia Edel and her program pursuing HUGE rainbows using spey […]

Skagit Master Affiliate Network! Make $ from your site!

The great thing about Affiliate Networks is that you don’t have to do anything to make some $$$ other than post the link on your page in a place where people easily see it.   The more Skagit Master DVD sales you generate, the more you make.   12% on $39.99 is about $5.  I’ll […]