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Fin and Fire Podcast with Jeff Mishler

On July 15, 2023 we release a podcast featuring Simon Gawesworth. If you love flyfishing, flycasting, history, rods, lines, flies, travel, etc…then this podcast is mandatory listening. Thanks for your continued support of Jeff Mishler

Fin And Fire With Jeff Mishler is now on Youtube!

My podcast, Fin & Fire with Jeff Mishler is available wherever you find your podcasts. It’s also available on Youtube. You choose where you listen to interviews with the most interesting people in the world of hunting and fishing.

New Podcast Every Two Weeks

The Fin And Fire Podcast is growing. Jeff Currier will be released on April 15 and John Larison on May 1. It has been a blast to record these interview. Not surprisingly, the Ed Ward Podcast was the most downloaded recording to date.

Ed Ward Back On The Skagit River

During the last week of January, 2023, I spent four days back on the Skagit River with Ed Ward. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since the production of Skagit Master 1. During this trip, hosted by OPST and Pure Skagit, I was able to interview Ed for my Podcast, Fin and […]

Segmented Legs On Steelhead Flies

Marking up that Ostrich By Jeff Mishler I’m always thinking about how to add realism to a presentation. What entices the fish to respond? If we knew that, I’d run out of things to write about. When I watch predators hunt one thing is clear, predictable behavior settles the predator into predicable pursuit. I can […]

New Episode of Fin and Fire with Jeff Mishler

This episode features my long time steelhead fishing friend, Tom Larimer. We go deep into the weeds of Skagit Line Design and the experiences we shared over the years.

Science at the angler’s level

In 1994 I was fortunate to go to Kamchatka and take part in the first year of the Kamchatka Steelhead Project. I am often asked, “what did you learn about steelhead?” Here is the actual scientific report from that effort. It blew me away the first time I read it.

The Last Chapter…

If you have been following the saga titled Tyler Corke, featured in Swing the Fly Magazine, you know that the two dirt bags chasing steelhead were bound to part ways. Well, here’s what happened to our protagonist in the years following that epic steelhead trip to BC. Please enjoy and pass along. I know that […]

Holiday Special

Bent-Essays and Images by Jeff Mishler $39.99 plus shipping. Regularly $59.99 Available to our friends through December 15, 2021. Deliver in time for holidays inside the US. But you can get a signed book until December 31. 72 pages of images and words from writer/photographer/filmmaker Jeff Mishler. This quality coffee table book deserves a place […]

Skagit Master Trailers

Since Adobe Flash has run it course and won’t work on my site, I am posting the 4 trailers for our movies here. Until I get the issue fixed, here is the only place on that you can view them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Skagitmaster 5 Update

It has been some time since my last post here on the Skagitmaster site. With a recent upgrade, the blog is a better way to communicate with the 2000 members of this page. To date, I have filmed on the Naknek, featuring my good friend Patricia Edel and her program pursuing HUGE rainbows using spey […]


SAGE X 990-4 A Cannon in the Hand by Jeff Mishler After winter steelhead season winds down, the months of May and June mean long hours spent casting shooting tapers into the wind hoping that, on at least one presentation, a spring chinook eats my fly. By the end of the day, a ten weight […]

Another 7120-4 X Rod Review

7120-4 X Rod Jeff Mishler Okay, I’ve changed my mind. The 7120-4 X rod is a dual purpose stick with the right line. I know that I stated that I would leave the heavy sink tip work to my 8 weights, but…… Quite by accident, I found myself on the coast with one spey rod […]

Cast Step Swing….The process

Check out this short clip I made addressing the sequence I use when fishing down a steelhead run. The key is to angle your steps downstream towards the bank so that you can step straight out again when you are ready to cast—a zig zag, Z shaped move.  Of course, it has to be a […]

Tme to Check out the Skagit Master You Tube Channel

I’ve added a ton of new clips. If you like them and you haven’t bought a membership or all of the DVDs, what’s keeping you?

SAGE Mod—What a Rod!

I was recently asked by SAGE to produce some video clips focusing on Winter and Summer Steelhead fishing tactics. During the process I was fortunate to use a new SAGE Mod 7130 featuring Konnetic Technology. The rod sports a deeper flex than the other Sage spey rod models, making it an efficient tool for casting […]

Skagit Master’s New Look

I’m stoked to present the new Skagit Master, with improvements long needed.  The movies play better, look better and you can use your phone, iPad, whatever, to view the shows.  Go to the river and work on stuff… And guess what….All paying members get to access the finer point movies.  In the past, only Full […]