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Bent should be ready for delivery the week of Feb. 22

It’s been a very long process, but the books are on their way to the fulfillment company and I should have a live Point of Sale here at Skagitmaster.com by Monday….Tuesday at the latest.  Thanks for your patience.  I hope you like this work.  If you love the culture of fly fishing, this book contains […]

Amazing, slow sinking, best casting still water line I have ever used!

This goes against the grain of this site, but I do love to cast a single hander long distances and make long slow retrieves for anything that swims. Thanks to Simon Gawesworth, I’ve been jacking those casts with this line: http://www.rioproducts.com/fly-lines/saltwater/coldwater/outbound-short/ The WF/10/SI overloads a 9 foot 10 weight perfectly.  The bullet taper turns over […]

The ONE Rod! Wow!

Being buried by production stuff keeps me away from trends and technological breakthroughs. But, since the release of SM3,  (Thanks by the way for buying so many) I’ve been able to get a little fishing in.  Not fishing in the sense that we discuss here, but fly fishing with a single handed rod for large, […]

Skagit Master 3 ships this week!

  To the many who have pre ordered, you should receive your order within 7 days if you live in the US. Thanks for the overwhelming interest.  I’m very interested in your feedback about the show. The Skagit Master membership site will include SM3 in the Skater Package and Full on Intruder package later this […]

Upon Request…..More Flies!

I’ve been getting some requests to post a piece a wrote some time ago about steelhead flies. Seems fitting. I’m shooting and editing Skagit Master volume 3 and it’s all about steelhead flies, so here goes: Flies by Jeff Mishler These days, if an accomplished steelheader is also an accomplished fly tier, undoubtedly, their fly […]

Time to fix your $%& Before Winter Steelhead Arrive

DECAY by Jeff Mishler Decay—an imperceptible naturally progressive slumping of inanimate material that happens while you’re focused on something entirely more important, like fishing.

Dad’s Weekend was a success!

Every year I, and a couple buddies take our dad’s to the Big D for a four day steelhead bender. Shuttling the gear and guys up the river in the Camo Sled made for nearly 60 miles a day of river running, but the flexibility it gave us, the ability to place sons and dads […]

Sliding Into Anonymity

This is the season when we become lost in the routine of cast, swing, strip. The two handers are stashed, but for the switch rods. We turn them into distance casting tools where space behind is not an issue. The salmon we catch are eaters; food fish plain and simple.