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A Reflection

March 2013 Winter Steelhead You know how it is: Winter creates unpredictable water conditions, but everyday family life hands you so many variables that planning a two day foray to the coast and being lucky enough to see perfect water conditions coincide with your hall pass is luckier than holding a winning Powerball ticket. This […]

Wild Winter Steelhead Stocks are Screwed

ODFW has put a lot of effort into selling us a wild winter steelhead broodstock program as an alternative to out of basin hatchery programs.  Sure, lots of fish come back.  Sure, you can keep them because they’re clipped. (Who wants to eat a winter steelhead?) And yes, the guides love them because the winter […]

Some Reading Material While You Wait For the New Site

Tyler Corke Chapter 2 No Name River #4, BC By Jeff Mishler Lunchtime I angled the sled into some quiet water at the head of Patterson’s Run and came off step.  I nestled the bow in behind a band of rocks and Tyler dropped the anchor off the bow, gave it about two fathoms of […]

So Much For NO RAIN!

This never looks good to a steelheader. Good thing I also Duck Hunt.

Deschutes River is Hot! But Not In the Fishing Sense…

In a letter from buddy Tom Larimer to PGE Senior Biologist, Don Ratliff, and shared with the fish conservation community, Tom pretty much sums it up: —- Don, It’s good to hear PGE finally has a way to monitor the water temps in the lower Deschutes River. I have to back up Brad Staples when […]

Those Urban Summer Steelhead….

It’s hot. But the water is cool from a wet summer. The fish are here. Urban summer steelheading in the PNW is something I’ve avoided because I don’t like fishing around a ton of people, but we spent the day trying to flip that into touchable awesomeness. Amazing that with so many fish around, no […]

Sliding Into Anonymity

This is the season when we become lost in the routine of cast, swing, strip. The two handers are stashed, but for the switch rods. We turn them into distance casting tools where space behind is not an issue. The salmon we catch are eaters; food fish plain and simple.