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The Decline of the Deschutes!

In an age when water quality is recognized as a limiting factor for successful/sustainable salmonid populations, it really is amazing how far this river has fallen.  The idea of creating pre-dam conditions and safe passage for sockeye to the historical spawning in the Metolius River was novel, but the implementation has left out serious aspect […]

Deschutes River Alliance is getting busy!

http://www.deschutesriveralliance.org   While its true that the recent management of the Lower Deschutes has produced higher water temps  earlier in the summer and lower water temps earlier in late summer and that has postponed the early returns of summer steelhead in the last few years,  the quality of the water coming from the mixing tower […]

If you care about the Lower Deschutes River….

My buddy Dave Moskowitz and the staff at DRA are working hard to make sure our wonderful treasure known as the Lower Deschutes River, is managed for the long haul. The Deschutes River Alliance was formed when concerned stakeholders noted that there was no long term management plan for the river while observing substantial changes in […]

Wild Winter Steelhead Stocks are Screwed

ODFW has put a lot of effort into selling us a wild winter steelhead broodstock program as an alternative to out of basin hatchery programs.  Sure, lots of fish come back.  Sure, you can keep them because they’re clipped. (Who wants to eat a winter steelhead?) And yes, the guides love them because the winter […]

Tis the season for a little Elk Hunting and State Forest Discovery

Rounded a bend in the road near the big cut I posted a couple years ago and what did I find? A big, nasty landslide directly above a tributary of one the most productive winter steelhead and fall chinook rivers in our state. I can hear ODF’s line already, “Our Geo Tech checked that site […]

ODFW Sends Strong Message to Egg Cure Manufacturers

See attached PDF. Failure to comply with voluntary reporting will result in ODFW eliminating use of Sodium Sulfite in commercial egg cures. Egg cure summary memo July 2011 final-1.doc – NeoOffice Writer JM

Deschutes River is Hot! But Not In the Fishing Sense…

In a letter from buddy Tom Larimer to PGE Senior Biologist, Don Ratliff, and shared with the fish conservation community, Tom pretty much sums it up: —- Don, It’s good to hear PGE finally has a way to monitor the water temps in the lower Deschutes River. I have to back up Brad Staples when […]

Oregon Department of Forestry uses old science…Duh!

Thanks to Bob Van Dyk we are in the loop on this issue.   Oregon State University just released a report blasting The Oregon Department of Forestry for using old science in their management plan of the Tillamook/Clatsop State Forest.   Conservationists and other ESA advocates have been claiming this for a while.  Finally the […]