Skagit Master Volume 2 Coming in Sept.

Skagit Master Volume 2, featuring Scott Howell is near completion.     We think we’re gonna call it “Chasing Steelhead with Two Hands”.  The film contains a lot of thinking outside the box steelheader stuff, like how to get your fly down through 6-8 feet of fast, cold winter water to resting steelhead.   Basalt bedrock rivers like the North Umpqua require different techniques than say, the Skagit, so Scott shows us how to do it.  Maybe we’ll call it, “If You’re Crazy Enough to Fish Here,  You Need to Buy This DVD ‘Cause It Ain’t gonna Work Any Other Way”.   I don’t think the DVD cover is big enough though.   And there’s a lot of classic water fished in a more traditional way, so that title won’t work…We’ll let you know.  Stay tuned.