Pre Order Skagit Master Volume 3 Now!

By 11 pm Pacific time 6-6-12, you may pre order “Skagit Master 3—Steelhead Flies, Beyond the Books” by selecting the correct button above.  It will direct you to the point of sale site.

You must understand that by pre ordering now:

1)  The DVDs will not ship until after the 15th of June, when they are scheduled to reach the warehouse.

2)  It’s possible a fly shop may get a copy before you receive yours.  My distributor has made a substantial pre order as well and they have very fast delivery to their clients.

3)  If you live outside the US, it will take a while for you to get your DVD.

4)  I will do my best to have all the pre orders placed here filled first, but please don’t be upset if someone else gets theirs before you do.  I don’t personally lick the stamps…

Thank you for the interest in our shows.  I hope you enjoy this one.  I think it’s very good.


Jeff Mishler

New Water Media, LLC