New Water Media, LLC begins development of “Headwind”.

A documentary featuring some amazing women in fly fishing.

Thanks to Patagonia for getting on board.  I’m looking for others to help produce this documentary intended for festival audiences:

“Headwind” (working title)

A Documentary Film (in development)

Format:  HD Video

Length: 60 minutes

Produced by:  New Water Media, LLC

Jeff Mishler—Owner


“Headwind”(working title)  Portraits of Exceptional Women in the World of Steelhead Fishing—A documentary showcasing five talented female anglers fully committed to a life of conservation, education and activism.

Fly fishing is a male dominated pastime.  For a woman, carving out a foothold in the fly fishing industry is an uphill journey with the wind always in your face. But it does happen.

Mia Sheppard, Field Representative for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and co-owner of Little Creek Outfitters captures the essence of “Headwind” with her mission statement:

“Fishing, hunting and connecting with the water and the land are my life. As a leader in the industry, my goal is to share the value of our resources to the public and teach future generations the significants of fishing and hunting and how to care for the land we love.“

Conservationist Anne Tattam’s mission statement adds another layer of richness:

“My lifelong love of wild rivers and anadromous fish and desire to protect and restore them is expressed, in part, through my work for non-profits. My work is a conduit through which I can focus my passion and skills for tangible protection of the places and fish that are integral to our life and our legacy in this corner of the world.”

Steelhead fishing with two handed spey rods is in vogue.  Proficiency with one requires commitment.  Certainly, there are easier methods one could employ to catch a steelhead, but the fact that each woman featured in “Headwind” is an expert steelheader is a testament to their character; they live life on their terms. “Headwind” discovers why.

“Headwind” is a one hour film featuring 5 or 6 such women.

“Headwind” will be entered in various film festivals (TBD). DVDs will be sold directly through brand Point of Sale sites.  Angler’s Book Supply, the largest distributor of fishing related media will provide international DVD distribution.

“Headwind” can easily be repackaged as a 13 episode TV series for cable TV by adding personalities and additional financial support.

New Water Media, LLC seeks corporate support at all levels and can provide exclusive in-show brand placement.

Production costs:  $100,000+

Production to begin early 2014.