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Experience Skagit Master at a new level and gain unlimited access to free membership content featuring articles and video clips from the people who brought you the Skagit Master DVD Series. The videos focus on Steelhead fishing with two handed rods, custom tied flies, Skagit style shooting heads, and basically anything that relates to this passion you pursue.

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Paid Subscription

Choose from the annual subscriptions and enjoy the benefits of a free membership, plus access to your choice of Skagit Master productions.

With a “Skater” package, you choose which Skagit Master volume you want to access for a period of one year. A “Full on Intruder” membership allows access to all Skagit Master movies in that package. You may also access the library of bonus videos, available only to paid memberships.

These bonus videos are designed to make you a better steelheader by addressing the finer points of your passion: Is your anchor blowing up? How do you keep your D loop off the water or out of the trees? How do I rig a tube fly tied on flexible tubing? How do I rig a free swinging hook on an Intruder? How do I squeeze and extra 10 feet from my cast?

Skater Package 1
Access to Skagit Master Volume 1 - Featuring Ed ward
Price: $29.99

Skater Package 2
Skagit Master Volume 2 - Featuring Scott Howell
Price: $29.99

Skater Package 3
Skagit Master 3 - Steelhead Flies Beyond the Books
Price: $29.99

Skater Package 4
Skagit Master 4 - Cracking the Code
Price: $39.99

Full on Intruder 4.0
The “Full on Intruder 4.0 ” package grants you unlimited access to all Skagit Master videos, the media library, the Skagit Master Forum and blog for an entire year.
Price: $89.99