This fly looks wicked in the water, almost transparent thanks to the white

Okay, here goes…

I’m developing Volume 3 and so far sponsor interest is strong.  I want to feature steelhead flies, in their full glory, or not.  I plan to explore traditional flies a bit but focus mostly on modern steelhead fly concepts: materials, design, hooks, shanks, rigging, etc…I also plan to feature some non-celeb type tiers because after all, we already know what the famous tiers are doing…Right?
So without giving away the entire show, I’m open for a bit of input.  What’s cool about steelhead flies?  Why do you think your flies work? Do you believe in the bright water/bright fly, dark water/dark fly myth? What’s more important, that the fly represent a food source to stimulate a latent response, or should the fly intrude the fish’s space and aggravate it into biting?
This should give you something to chew on…
And don’t be offended if I don’t include your thoughts.